Helinä Leino-Pakola has studied at the Sibelius Academy, at the University of Minnesota with Tony Guillambardo, with Isador Saslou, previous Concert Master of The Minnesota Orchestra and with Manuel Suarez, Concert Master of Mexico City Symphony Orchestra. Helinä has taken numerous master classes in the U.S. and Finland. She is a Suzuki Method specialist, schooled at Ithaca University in New York, Stevens Point University, Wisconsin and Matsumoto Japan with Dr. Suzuki. Helinä started her own performing arts school in 1979 and her performance group the Singing Strings in 1984. The Singing Strings have performed all over the world including the White House "Christmas Celebration" in 1994. Helinä was first violinist with the Duluth Symphony Orchestra for fifteen years and was one of the founding members of the Mesabi Community Orchestra in Virginia, Minnesota. She was Concert Master of both orchestras. Helinä has also performed numerous solo concerts in Minnesota and Finland.

Hilpi Leino-Kantola has studied at the Sibelius Academy as a pupil of Sirkka Penttilä, professor Ralf Gothoni and professor Izumi Tateno. She received her diploma in 1973. Her first concert was in 1976. She has completed her studies with the following courses: professor Gunnar Hallhagen in 1971, 1972 and 1973, professor Agosti in 1973, professor György Sebök in 1975 and in 1976 and privately with professor Jan Hoffman in the summers of 1979, 1980 and 1981. She has completed the most central Lied programs with professor Pentti Koskimies in two year's time. In the United States she studied one year at the University of Minnesota with pianist Kenneth Huber. Hilpi Leino-Kantola was accepted as a pianist by the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 1984.

Hilpi has performed concerts with singer Pirkko Talola, violinist Helinä Pakola and her Singing Strings performance group. They have performed several concerts of Finnish music in various parts of the United States (Hancock, Duluth, Los Angeles Finish Festival) and concerts in Finland. At the concerts she has worked both as a soloist and pianist for Ms Talola. Hilpi has been the main accompanist at the Conservatory of Helsinki and a teacher at Midsummer Magic summer courses in Minnesota since 1988. Her recordings include: CD and cassette together with Pirkko Talola and musicians from the Filharmonic Orchestra of Helsinki in 1992 and a cassette with singer Tapio Henriksson in 1993.